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We are a “Eucharistic community”. Eucharist simply means Thansksgiving. As Christians, our lives are meant to be a ‘thanksgiving offering’ to God in remembrance of Jesus Christ and in gratitude for all the blessings we receive through Him. In Eucharist, we offer our thanks and we are blessed to receive again His words of promise and comfort, and to welcome His love, mercy and renewing spirit by receiving communion.

“Open Table” – As Anglicans, we believe that all baptized persons are welcome to the Lord’s Table. This means children are welcome to receive communion (with the parent’s consent – you will be invited to participate in the “Life in the Eucharist” Program). Persons from other denominations are also welcome to receive. It is no longer required that person be confirmed before being admitted to Holy Communion.

“Both Kinds” – Anglican practice is to offer communion in both the bread and the wine. All are invited to receive as they are comfortable.

“Right Posture” – St. John’s Church still administers communion at the altar rail. People are free to receive either standing at the rail or kneeling at the rail.

“Amen” – The usual response when receiving communion is Amen. However, ‘thank you’, ‘praise God’ and other expressions of thanks are appropriate.

‘Come to You’ – At St. John’s, we want for everyone who desires ‘communion with our Lord’ to receive. If you or someone with you is not able to come to the rail, we will bring communion to you. Please speak with one of the Eucharistic ministers and we will gladly come right to you.

‘Home Communions’ – We know that many people want to receive but are prevented for a variety of reasons from attending worship. We have a regular pattern of bringing communion to shut-ins and those in hospital. Contact the clergy or the office if you would like to arrange for ‘home communion. We would be pleased to visit with you that you ‘may take this holy sacrament to your comfort.’ BCP p 76