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First Communion

We believe that children are absolutely welcome to the Lord’s Table. They are welcome at our family tables, so why not our Lord’s Table. Jesus did say, “let the children come to me.” We also believe that as with other important things in life, we need to learn and grow in our understanding of what they mean and prepare for them carefully.

St. John’s uses the “Life in the Eucharist” program for preparing children and their families for receiving Holy Communion. This program is run every second year. For more information contact the office or the clergy.

“Children have always played an important and vital role in the life of our parish. All children in our parish are, by virtue of their Baptisms, full members of the parish and the local congregation. They need and desire to participate in our life of worship – both at Family Services and at celebrations of the Holy Eucharist.

Children need to have their gifts and talents recognized and encouraged. They need to know that their sorrows, concerns, and questions are heard. Children have much to bring to our life of worship. Life in the Eucharist is designed to both nurture children and to allow adults to learn from them.

Life in the Eucharist is designed to help both parent and child share their faith with one another. The first and most important place a child learns about God, the faith, and the Church – is in the home. It is in the home that children see and hear about God’s love through the love given by their parents and family. It is in the home that children witness how their parents ’live out’ the faith by seeing what their parents and family ‘do’.

Parents are the primary religious educators of their children – with the support and assistance of the Church and parish. All foundational learning – whether of language, behaviour, moral values, or religion occurs in the home, The effects of parental guidance and modeling on the faith development of children are critical – but are too often unacknowledged or neglected by parents and Church leaders.

Life in the Eucharist is built upon parent involvement in the faith development of the child – at home and by attending the classes with the child. Life in the Eucharist is built upon the involvement of other committed Christians in the Parish as well, to serve as role models and teachers.

Because Life in the Eucharist offers concrete suggestions and support, parents often discover a new freedom for themselves and a deeper understanding of their own faith as Christians.

Life in the Eucharist, because it involves parents, children, youth and the parish, encourages growth in the parish, for it is not just children being nurtured, but families. This broader base for involvement strengthens the community and spiritual life of the parish.”