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When someone close to us dies, whether at the end of a long illness or without warning, we are deeply affected. Often we are in pain and have searching questions about the meaning of life, about death, and about our faith. At this time the Church offers support in your bereavement and a hope which points beyond death to resurrection and a new life.

A funeral service is a rite offered by the Church to:

  • Mark the passing of those who have died
  • To give thanks for their life
  • To comfort those who mourn.

Book of Common Prayer or Book of Alternative Services This is usually chosen by the family when meeting with the clergy.

Selected readings from the Bible will be chosen by the family in consultation with the clergy.

Music should reflect our Christian faith – if you have a specific request please speak with the clergy. While we cannot guarantee that we can do it, we will do our best honour requests.

This is an important part of ‘making peace’ and ‘dealing with death.’ Being surrounded by friends and family at this time may seem too much, but it can be a great comfort and celebration of the deceased person’s life. Clergy will be available for prayers at the close of the visitation if desired.

Family and friends are most welcome to participate in the service. There are a variety of options and opportunities. Please speak with the clergy about your wishes.

Eulogies are not usually part of our funeral liturgies. However, if there is a strong desire on the part of the family to say a few words of remembrance or tribute, discuss this with the clergy at the time of the funeral planning meeting.

St. John’s is willing and ready to offer a reception after the funeral service. There is charge of $100.00 for this ministry. If money is an issue, speak privately with the clergy.